Kiara's parents knew early on she had a knack for being active. Born November 27, 1995, Kiara began walking at nine months old and always tried to run on the treadmill with Daddy. Her parents, Monique and Todd, knew she liked being in the air when she flipped off the couch (on purpose; not by accident) at 15 months old, simultaneously giving them mini heart attacks! Later that week, Monique saw a van drive by with the name of a local gymnastics gym, and she wrote the number down on a napkin. Three months later, Kiara was signed up at Gold Coast Gymnastics. She had to wait the three months because Gold Coast didn't accept kids any younger than 18-months. Thinking that joining the gymnastics gym would keep Kiara safe by showing her the proper way to hurl herself off the couch and out of people's arms, Kiara's parents signed her up for the Parent and Me class. By age two-and-a-half, she did her first back handspring. . 

At age three, Kiara began performing at exhibitions with the Team gymnasts of Gold Coast, since she could not compete as a gymnast until age seven.  At age four, when the in-house cheer program coach saw Kiara tumbling, she approached Kiara's parents to ask if Kiara would like to be an All-Star Cheerleader. Kiara has been cheering ever since. Initially, Kiara was going to compete in cheerleading until she turned 7. Of course, when she turned seven, Kiara loved cheerleading so much, she couldn't possibly give it up and she began competing in both sports. 

Since that time, Kiara has won numerous competitions as an individual as well as with her team in both cheerleading and gymnastics. In addition, Kiara has been named to the USA Gymnastics Junior National Tumbling Team and the Double Mini Trampoline Team. Kiara holds a world title in All-Star Cheerleading. She is a three-time World Age Game Champion in Power Tumbling and a World Age Game Champion in Double Mini Trampoline. 
Besides being an accomplished athlete, Kiara is an accomplished student as well, winning the USASF Young Athlete Merit Based Scholarship Gold Award, the Scholar Athlete Award, and the Real Girl of the Year Award. 

Numbering over 10 million and continually growing, Kiara's fans have followed her athletic career ever since she became a YouTube tumbling phenomenon. From the gymnastics floor, to the cheer floor, to the stage of the Steve Harvey Show, to the couch of the Ellen DeGeneres show, to the radio, to the pages of various magazines, Kiara's fans have given her great support. Kiara is thankful for your support and is so very humbled by all the young athletes and parents who view her as a positive role model.

" are incredible! I was dizzy just watching you!....That was so amazing being so close to you!" 
Ellen Degeneres
, The Ellen Show
"By the age of 2 we knew Kiara had a rare and exceptional gift for gymnastics.  She has not only matured into an outstanding gymnast but also a wonderful and special young woman. We are proud to have been a part of her life." Cindi Brouwer, Owner of Gold Coast Gymnastics
"Kiara Nowlin is the ultimate Cheerlebrity. She's strong, dedicated, inspirational and incredibly talented-everything a true cheerleader should be. Kiara is the real deal!" Brittany Geragotelis, Managing Editor of American Cheerleader Magazine
"It just takes a lot of power and Kiara is stronger than anybody else in the country for her age and has unbelievable spring in her legs," said Ziehn, a former gymnast at Cal who has been coaching Nowlin for five years. "She is able to tumble higher and give herself more air time to finish what she needs to get done before she hits the floor. She is pretty exceptional." Karl Ziehn, Kiara's Gymnastics Coach 
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